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Black Powder War

Black Powder War Picking up where book two left off in China Macau Captain Will Laurence and his extraordinary dragon Temeraire are ordered to retrieve and escort a precious cargo of valuable dragon eggs from Istan

  • Title: Black Powder War
  • Author: Naomi Novik
  • ISBN: 9780345481306
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Picking up where book two left off in China, Macau Captain Will Laurence and his extraordinary dragon, Temeraire, are ordered to retrieve and escort a precious cargo of valuable dragon eggs from Istanbul to England They take the Old Silk Road from China to Istanbul, crossing deserts and mountains En route to England, they help the beleaguered Prussians battle Napoleon.

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      283 Naomi Novik
    Black Powder War

    About Author

    1. Naomi Novik says:
      An avid reader of fantasy literature since age six, when she first made her way through The Lord of the Rings, Naomi Novik is also a history buff with a particular interest in the Napoleonic era and a fondness for the work of Patrick O Brian and Jane Austen She studied English literature at Brown University, and did graduate work in computer science at Columbia University before leaving to participate in the design and development of the computer game Neverwinter Nights Shadow of Undrentide Over the course of a brief winter sojourn spent working on the game in Edmonton, Canada accompanied by a truly alarming coat that now lives brooding in the depths of her closet , she realized she preferred writing to programming, and on returning to New York, decided to try her hand at novels.Naomi lives in New York City with her husband and six computers Her website is at naominovik

    Comment 406 on “Black Powder War

    1. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin says:
      I read this book a week or ago and forgot all about a review See, I m losing it I didn t love this one as much as the first two but anything with Temeraire Laurence is still great

    2. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:
      Be glad and rejoice, my Little Barnacles, for I am no longer going to write never ending crappy non reviews of all the books I read All you have to know about this book series is It is light and cute and fluffy and I love it ergo my reputation is ruined but I don t give a shrimp what you Silly Arthropods think so there QED and stuff Temeraire and Laurence are MINE DUH Napoleon sucks Temeraire and Laurence are MINE DUH Sneaking into Other People s Harems OPH will always get you in trouble Just as [...]

    3. Kevan says:
      This was another foray into the foreign culture and politics of the Napoleonic era, this time exploring first Istanbul and the Turkish people and then moving north to the crushing military defeat suffered by the Prussians at Napoleon s hands.I m sorry to say I think the author fell prey to her own fascination with the military history of the time and lost sight of what the reader s personal interests might be The second part of the book, the Prussian campaign, dragged considerably The endless de [...]

    4. Sofia says:
      TEMERAIRE IS BACK, BITCHES So yeah, my worries about this series going downhill after Throne of Jade were completely unnecessary A few mindblowingly awesometacular things Black Powder War brough to this series Tharkay That is all Tharkay alone is enough reason to read this series Without spoiling anything about him, I can pretty much guarantee that you will find Tharkay, in and of himself, mindblowingly awesometacular The trip around the world was way, way better executed in this book It gave us [...]

    5. Jack +The Page Runner+ says:
      Sadly, the third book in the Temeraire series just wasn t quite in the same league as the two previous entries Part of this is likely due to over exposure, since I am reading them in succession with no breaks, and the other part is that this tale feels a lot like a transition piece the pause, obligatory plate stomp, and then the windup before the pitch Which is fine, as the journey to China took so very long in book 2, and to have a repeat journey on the way back in the very next book would have [...]

    6. Robyn says:
      A fascinating journey with a rousing finish Also amusing how easily one takes England s side down with the tyrant Napoleon

    7. Laura says:
      Plotwise, I didn t like this one as much as the first 2 books in the series It was a bit weak and it dragged at times But it had charm The interaction between different races of dragons, the bond between Temeraire and his crew, the description of wild dragons after their first taste of cowese were truly wonderful And Temeraire s new little friend, tiny and fierce and absolutely adorable is the star of this book For her sake alone, this whole part of Temeraire s journey is entirely worth it I m l [...]

    8. Angela says:
      Black Powder War has a definite middle of a series flavor about it not unlike trying to read one of the Aubrey Maturins It reads a lot like a series of unrelated episodes than one big plot But as with Patrick O Brian, if you think about it as one big ongoing story, that makes it less jarring Plus, there s lots goodness here with Novik s dragons, interesting glimpses into how cultures besides Britain treat their dragons, and some new and entertaining characters both human and draconic.I was a [...]

    9. Manisha says:
      I m a bit late on this review, so I will keep it simple Is this book as charming as the previous two Why, yes it is Is this book as good as the previous two Not so much Is this book entertaining That depends on your idea of entertaining If you want to read something in the realm of historical fiction, which is slow moving and concerned with wordplay than anything else, this is the book for you.However, if you want something that has of a fantasy element, then I would suggest you look for somet [...]

    10. Kathleen says:
      After reading the series, I ve decided Captain Riley is incompetent, bigoted, and immature, and I question Laurence s people reading skills in promoting him to captain view spoiler Fire aboard ship Two fires, in two books, both of them very serious Sailors falling 15 off course A malcontent crew And Laurence knew how he felt about slaves hide spoiler I m learning about the Napoleonic War from this series, despite the fictional dragons It s a pretty decent alternate history, romanticized of cour [...]

    11. RavenclawReadingRoom says:
      21 6 2017Trigger warnings lots and lots and LOTS of animals get slaughtered and fed to dragons Deaths by falling War Dragon masturbation That one s not a trigger warning so much as a heads up because it s freaking weird Anyway I stand by pretty much everything I said last time I think I found the pacing a little slower this time around I liked the second half but I don t think I loved it That said, Iskierka is fucking fabulous and I love her 21 5 2012Plot summary Temeraire, his captain, William [...]

    12. Mogsy (MMOGC) says:
      I m still enjoying this series, but I think the spark, that initial sense of magic and wonderment I first felt when I read His Majesty s Dragon, has faded I believe the ongoing war against Napoleon and the action filled aerial dragon battles are meant to be the focus and highlight of these books, and that unique premise certainly sets this series apart from much of the other fantasy offerings out there But if I m to be completely honest, while reading this third book, I found myself constantly f [...]

    13. Scott Sigler says:
      This series is a goddamn delight It s very rare for me to read than one book in a series, simply because I have lots of author friends and I want to experience their works Usually I read book one and move on to the next, simply because of time limitations I will grow old and someday die with a huge to be read pile sitting on the nightstand next to my death bed, because people are rude and keep writing good books Novik s Temeraire series, however, has taken over my iPhone for running, walking, a [...]

    14. Stephen says:
      3.5 stars Book three of the excellent Temeraire series by Naomi Novik The world Novik has created and the special relationship between Temeraire and Laurence make these books a lot of fun to read Add to that the fact that Novik can write very well and you have all the makings for a really good series Recommended

    15. Otherwyrld says:
      Book 3 of the series sees Temeraire, Captain Laurence and their crew on an urgent mission to go from China to Istanbul to pick up three dragon eggs The author wisely does not spend a huge amount of time on the first part of the journey, though at times I wish a map had been included to chart their journey I must admit that I also could not understand why the journey was through the deserts of Eastern China, rather than going south and across India Nevertheless, this part of the journey is enlive [...]

    16. Athena says:
      Black Powder War, in which we follow Laurence and Temeraire through the intricacies of the Napoleonic Wars, out of the Asia of Book 2 via the mysterious, mostly unmapped, largely desert overland route back toward besieged and beleaguered Britain I got thirsty, sand blown and a bit sunburnt in this read Once again Novik has done a brilliant job of portraying place and circumstance actions, relationships, dialog, all seemed very true to their time Justice is expensive, Tharkay said That is why the [...]

    17. Book Haunt says:
      On the heels of a harrowing diplomatic mission to Peking, Captain Will Laurence and his dragon Temeraire would like nothing better than to get back to England But alas, it will not be quick or easy Their new assignment takes them on a difficult journey by land from China to Istanbul to retrieve three valuable dragon eggs and bring them home As they travel via the Old Silk Road they will need a guide This comes in the form of a new character named Tharkay, a toughened Nepalese Englishman whose lo [...]

    18. Kaethe says:
      I never would have guessed that I could be this fond of a series about the Napoleonic Wars This volume has Temeraire and Laurence and crew traveling back overland from China The action is just intermittent enough for us to take in the scenery, the privations of each leg, to really relax and catch our breath before BAM we re right back in the thick My world history is sorely lacking, so I asked the Spouse to fill me in on some of the background I love these books, and the burgeoning rights of dra [...]

    19. Marijan says:
      Vidi se da se autorica potrudila smje taju i svoje zmajeve u kontekst povijesnih bitaka usprkos svemu, i dalje navijam za Napoleona.

    20. Leseparatist says:
      I liked this volume , in spite of the developed military sections Tharkay Iskierka make for great additions to the cast of characters I m much excited to continue the series though I still plan to take a break and read a few different books first.

    21. Stefan says:
      The first book of this series, His Majesty s Dragon, is an enjoyable alternate history fantasy in which the Napoleonic Wars are changed by the addition of an air force, comprised of domesticated dragons It s an enjoyable and tightly written book, well researched and written in what appears to my layman s eye a historically accurate style I enjoyed the story of Laurence, a naval captain who accidentally captures a rare dragon s egg and becomes Temeraire s the dragon s captain and companion Howeve [...]

    22. Megan Baxter says:
      I have defended the previous books in this series Without ever really loving one of them entirely, I have argued that they re entertaining, and for the last one, that it s an interesting variation on the naval novel, just with a dragon But you know what I ve read this one, and although there s nothing that upset me about it, nothing particularly wrong with it, I think I m done with the series.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can rea [...]

    23. Katy says:
      Another enjoyable installment in the series I like to see that Laurence is beginning to better see things from Temeraire s view interested to see what happens next.

    24. YouKneeK says:
      Black Powder War is the third book in the Temeraire series I enjoyed this one at about the same level as the previous two books I was particularly happy when the story didn t quite go in the direction I had expected it to based on the end of the last book, as described in detail in the below spoiler view spoiler I had expected them to go straight back home and to see Temeraire start arguing for dragons to have rights and freedoms, which I wasn t sure would be that entertaining of a story to me [...]

    25. Lark says:
      I am seriously becoming progressively disenchanted with this series the longer I continue reading The faults seem to magnify and the good points seem to dwindle the I read.These books seem like a historical recounting rather than story Before, in the other two books, the focus was on the characters and the world But now, the main importance seems about political ideologies and the war between France and the world Perhaps it is because I don t habitually enjoy historical fiction, but I find [...]

    26. Nathan says:
      Fantasy Review BarnWelcome back and let s get a recap of the game so far In the all black we have Temeraire and let me tell you this dragon is awesome Two languages right out of the shell, a roar that destroys anything it s path, and a captain that will do anything for him.Facing the mighty Temeraire and his British crew are the French, led by their captain Napoleon The Frogs have picked up a great free agent signing, strategy master Lien, the only other Celestial active in the Europeon war With [...]

    27. Marina says:
      To be honest, I don t know what to think of this series.I knew based on it s reputation that it was basically the Napoleonic Wars plus dragons, which sounds awesome, and it s popular enough that I gave it a chance But I didn t realize just how heavily on military engagements and politics it would be Some of it is really fascinating and a couple of the dragon battles were so fantastic I nearly cheered, but some of the slower movements and lesser engagements get so boring, that I end up skimming m [...]

    28. Roberta Jayne says:
      Throne Of Jade was pretty terrible It made me think twice about wanting to read any of this series, but I gave it another chance Seeing as there are nine bloody books in this thing Thankfully, Black Powder War was an improvement, but it didn t manage to match the quality of the first book in the series.The pacing of this book was great It began with Laurence, Temeraire and the crew swiftly having to leave China in order to collect a handful of dragon eggs waiting for them in Istanbul The journe [...]

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