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Marcelo in the Real World

Marcelo in the Real World Marcelo Sandoval hears music no one else can hear part of the autism like impairment no doctor has been able to identify and he s always attended a special school where his differences have been prote

  • Title: Marcelo in the Real World
  • Author: Francisco X. Stork
  • ISBN: 9780545054744
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Marcelo Sandoval hears music no one else can hear part of the autism like impairment no doctor has been able to identify and he s always attended a special school where his differences have been protected But the summer after his junior year, his father demands that Marcelo work in his law firm s mailroom in order to experience the real world There Marcelo meets JasmMarcelo Sandoval hears music no one else can hear part of the autism like impairment no doctor has been able to identify and he s always attended a special school where his differences have been protected But the summer after his junior year, his father demands that Marcelo work in his law firm s mailroom in order to experience the real world There Marcelo meets Jasmine, his beautiful and surprising coworker, and Wendell, the son of another partner in the firm.He learns about competition and jealousy, anger and desire But it s a picture he finds in a file a picture of a girl with half a face that truly connects him with the real world its suffering, its injustice, and what he can do to fight.Reminiscent of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time in the intensity and purity of its voice, this extraordinary novel is a love story, a legal drama, and a celebration of the music each of us hears inside.

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    About Author

    1. Francisco X. Stork says:
      Francisco X Stork was born in Mexico He moved to El Paso Texas with his adoptive father and mother when he was nine He attended Spring Hill College, Harvard University and Columbia Law School He worked as an attorney for thirty three years before retiring in 2015 He is married and has two grown children and two beautiful granddaughters He loves to discover new books and authors His favorite books are those where the author s soul touches his He does not read reviews to his books so you should feel free to write whatever you want Also, he is genuinely interested in learning about books and life from his friends on this site He would love it if you find his books worthy to be read, but that s not why he wants to be your friend.

    Comment 156 on “Marcelo in the Real World

    1. karen says:
      first, some blathering it is, after all, mei understand why writers like carl hiaasen and james patterson and them are now writing books for younger readers, after having already established themselves as writers of adult fiction with considerable staying power get em while they are young and then when they grow into the adult section, they already have the name recognition friends for life, paying their electricity bills but why do authors like this one and suzanne collins write exclusively for [...]

    2. Maggie Stiefvater says:
      I actually finished this book a few days ago, and aside from a general glow of well being and happiness, I wasn t sure what I thought of it Was it really a five star book to go on my page But then, after recommending it once every single day since then, I ve realized yep, it is It s a quiet book, thanks to the subdued narration style on Marcelo s part, but it s a good one Marcelo is a very high functioning autistic so high functioning that even the label Asperger s doesn t quite fit him He has [...]

    3. Tatiana says:
      Marcelo Sandoval is 17 and has a mild form of autism which makes him well, different Knowing that he is often perceived to be mentally challenged, Marcelo prefers to stay close to the circle of his friends and people who know that there is nothing wrong with him intellectually He is planning to spend his final school year at Patterson, a specialized school where he is surrounded by the students just like him, he also has a summer job lined up working with horses in his school s stables However M [...]

    4. Thomas says:
      Absolutely stunning I haven t read a book worthy of five stars in a while, and I am so grateful to my friend for recommending this to me.Marcelo hears music that no one else can He has been diagnosed with an impairment similar to autism, but higher functioning he can process things but it takes him time, and he is able to adapt to social situations through learning and experience However, this is not enough to satisfy his father, a powerful and persuasive lawyer His father decides to have Marcel [...]

    5. Corinne says:
      I have a lot of conflicting emotions about this book.The good It s a fast read and an interesting story There s shades of gray, interesting moral dilemmas, attention to detail that makes situations and characters come brilliantly to life, and a main character whose situation is way intriguing An autistic teenager who s gone to a school for disabled kids his whole life, and now suddenly has to adjust to working at his dad s law firm for the summer There s a lot of inherent conflict and story in t [...]

    6. Mike Mullin says:
      This book is so good I may have to take a break from reading anything else wouldn t measure up It s so good I m consumed with despair that I will never write anything as beautiful or as important It s so good I can t review it properly any words I might choose wouldn t do it justice.

    7. Cait (Paper Fury) says:
      Gosh ANOTHER book I had a super hard time rating.I really loved the characters writing, but the plot Ugh It wasnotmy thing at all.I have a lot of problems with this book I love it a lot, but I m giving it a 3 Am I confusing you Okay, okay Let s talk about this.The characters were simultaneously brilliant and frustrating.The narrator is Marcelo He s about 16 I m not sure, exactly, but he ll be entering his last year of high school after the summer He s on the Apserger s Spectrum and hears music i [...]

    8. Morgan F says:
      It s not really a three, but wasn t quite a four Seventeen year old Marcelo Sandoval is different He hears music no one else can hear, his social development is stumped, and his special interests include religion, classical music, and therapy ponies Marcelo is looking forward to a summer of working as a stable boy at Paterson, a school for kids with special needs, when his father tells him that he must get out of his comfort zone and join the real world or else he won t be able to go to Paterson [...]

    9. Naban (hiatus) says:
      I loved Marcelo The struggles he faced as a not so normal guy in the real world were truly touching I can t say the same for other characters, the only likable character we actually get to know being Marcelo s co worker Jasmine There s nothing much to say about the plot of the book, given that it is what the title suggests Marcelo in the real world, away from his comfort zone how he struggles, makes mistakes and learns.One of of the many things I looked forward to in this book was the music aspe [...]

    10. jesse says:
      3.5 5pl o l u ol marcelo can be a bit naive, but not in an annoying way he s naive in the way that makes you wonder how the hell you turned out so bitter and question why the world can t be as simple or straightforward as someone like marcelo sees it marcelo is just a great person and anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend many of the people marcelo encounters at the law firm treat him like crap or act as though he s stupid so being marcelo s friend would probably lead me to an aggravated [...]

    11. Homeschoolmama says:
      UPDATE 2 8 09My initial impression still stands Although I liked the way the author had the main character Marcelo speak, and how he added certain quirks that were realistic, Stork was unable to keep it consistent and some characteristics were not compatible w someone w as speaking in literal terms only and then suddenly speaking understanding metaphors, for example The plot was sort of intriguing but I thought kind of trashy too.Oh, I am not sure I like this book A friend gave me a [...]

    12. Sherrie Petersen says:
      Have you ever gotten to the end of a book and wished there was Or better yet, wished your writing could move people the way that the story moved you Marcelo in the Real World is that kind of book.It s no secret that I love fantasy, but I try to read outside of the genre as well Marcelo isn t a super hero He s a teenage boy with an unidentified cognitive disorder who is comfortable with his routines, his special ed school, his job at the therapeutic riding stables His father decides that for the [...]

    13. Christine Jensen says:
      Approximate Interest Level Reading Level High SchoolFormat Chapter BookAwards ALA Best Book for Young Adults 2010 , ALA Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults 2010 At the insistence of his father, Marcelo, a male adolescent with a condition resembling Asperger s Syndrome, is forced to participate in the real world by working at his father s law firm over the summer The typical behaviors of autism, accompanied by atypical introspection and insight, leads Marcelo into the position of contemplating a [...]

    14. Ivy Bookqueen says:
      This book is good but not for me Okay here I goHis father is plain mean like he did understand him When Marcelo wanted to go with Jasmine to visit her dad Marcelo s dad made a lot excuses like Jasmine didn t she was not there for three whole daysI like Jasmine She was just nice to Marcelo and care about himThan there was a Wendell Wendell was trying to make friends with Marcelo but he was just using him to Jasmine to club Marcelo was the best character The thing about him is he had to learn to a [...]

    15. Mike says:
      This is the best YA book I ve read in a long, long time It s the kind of book that makes me sad that the majority of the genre is filled with gimmicks and pandering, because it s always had the potential to be so much This book hit a bit close to home for me, but even if you re not compelled by the same moral issues that Marcelo is, I still think this is just a wonderful book that you ll probably enjoy.

    16. Claudia says:
      Her belief is in her deeds I m paraphrasing, but one of the characters says this about Marcelo s mother when he worries about her possible loss of faith The I thought about this line, the I realized it applies to each character in this exquisite YA novel Marcelo s father, the high powered, self made lawyer, wants to force Marcelo into the real world, a place Marcelo, with his Aspergers, has been sheltered fromHis father believes the real world will toughen Marcelo, make him competitive Well, [...]

    17. Becky says:
      Meet Marcelo Sandoval Read his story Witness first hand the transition from dream world to real world.Marcelo has always been different He lives in a tree house, for example Lived in his own little world not cut off from the world, by any means, but taking it in at his own pace, staying in his comfort zone, doing this much and no Marcelo has autism Asberger s Syndrome to be exact He s always chosen to attend a special school Paterson to be with children and teens who are different just differen [...]

    18. T.V and Book Addict says:
      Marcelo is a 17 year old guy who has an autistic like condition, not necessarily Asperger s but similar He can hear music in his mind, Internal Music IM It s like experiencing the feelings one gets when listening to music, except without the music Marcelo s special interest is religion He often sees his mother s best friend, a female rabbi even though he s Catholic, to talk about religion and life Marcelo lives in a tree house, has a dog called Namu, short for Namu Amida Butsu, a Buddhist prayer [...]

    19. Megan says:
      Marcelo in the Real World is the story of a teenager with Asperger s Syndrome who has spent his life attending a private school for kids with mental and physical disabilities At the beginning of the book, we learn that Marcelo s father wants him to spend a summer, and possibly next school year in the real world working and interacting with people outside of his protected comfort zone I ve read so many good reviews and have been looking forward to this book for so long, that it is a huge disappoi [...]

    20. Willinda says:
      Marcelo, Marcelo ufff co j si s n m jen po tu U od za tku jsem v d la, e to nebude jen tak oby ejn kn ka, kterou si p e tu, obl b m a schov m do knihovni ky Od p e ten o n neust le p em l m a sna m se ujasnit si sv my lenky o samotn m Marcelovi, o knize, o jeho posl n , o v em, co s knihou souvis , ale zat m se mi to v bec nepovedlo Tak co s n m m m jenom d lat Marcelo ve skute n m sv t je naprosto jedine n a neoby ejn kniha, kterou by si m l ka d p e st A pokud v m to nesta takhle ct, mus te si [...]

    21. Jabiz Raisdana says:
      I really liked this Perfect grade 8 book Yes it deals with some sexual content, but in a mature and approachable way The characters feel real, the plot moves at a nice pace and the language is accessible, while trying to be interesting There are some interesting conflicts with ethics and family, as well as looking at religion and mental conditions Highly recommend this one.

    22. Donalyn says:
      This was a touching story that defies categorization part family story, part love story, part crime story What will stick with me is the beauty of Marcelo s gentle spirit and his insightful interpretations of the real world.

    23. Steve says:
      Unique, important, insightful, amazing I can t level enough praise on it One of the best novels I ve read in the last 5 years.

    24. Jane says:
      Where I got the book my local library.Marcelo is 17 and has Asperger Syndrome, which means he s on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum He s smart, good looking, and socially inept His special interest aspies generally have one is religion He hears his own internal music All Marcelo wants to do is to stay at his private special school, where he s learned to like who he is and has developed an interest in training ponies But his lawyer father wants Marcelo to go to the local public hig [...]

    25. Hallie says:
      Still digesting this a bit, but my general feeling is that there was a bit too much going on, though much of it was wonderful The combination of a regular coming of age story with a Asperger s is the closest to a description of my condition one with a romance with a legal mystery with a spiritual coming of age was a lot for one book, and I thought it left some of the elements which were resolved wonderfully in one sphere very much less so in another The spiritual and the regular coming of age el [...]

    26. Kwoomac says:
      A problem I have when either reading an ebook my autocorrect wants to change this to snook or listening to an audio book is that I have no real sense of where I am in the story Is this conflict being introduced halfway through the story or is it near the end It makes a difference For me this is important info so I can try to figure out where the author is going, if he is going somewhere With Marcelo, I kept thinking, okay now it s near the end but it never was Okay, at some point it was because [...]

    27. Kathrina says:
      If you liked The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, you re bound to like this, I was told Ok, a ya book with an autistic protag But then it became a ya book with an autistic protag about sexual objectification Then, a ya book with an autistic protag about negotiating religious beliefs against lived experience And then, ya book with autistic protag negotiates right notes vs wrong notes, asexuality, loyalty, trash talking demented farmers and their kin And finally I give up and call th [...]

    28. Paula Guinto says:
      Wow So many great things to say about this one I loved its treatment of various topics religion, intelligence, ethics, desire, rules we play by, love, understanding people, communication, safety, forgiveness, anger, sex and what it means to be kind I want to meet Marcelo and wish the best for him I want him to get the girl and live peacefully, with waters green, quiet and deep in Vermont I just remembered the TED talk about storycorps by Isay and couldn t help but see Sarah and Josh Littman s re [...]

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