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Jip en Janneke 1

Jip en Janneke Eenentwintig verhalen over de buurkinderen Jip en Janneke

  • Title: Jip en Janneke 1
  • Author: Annie M.G. Schmidt Fiep Westendorp
  • ISBN: 9789021432564
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eenentwintig verhalen over de buurkinderen Jip en Janneke.

    • ☆ Jip en Janneke 1 ☆ Annie M.G. Schmidt Fiep Westendorp
      335 Annie M.G. Schmidt Fiep Westendorp
    Jip en Janneke 1

    About Author

    1. Annie M.G. Schmidt Fiep Westendorp says:
      Anna Maria Geertruida Schmidt was a Dutch writer.Although she wrote a variety of poems, songs, books, plays, musicals, and radio en television drama, she is known best for her children s literature, for which she received the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1988 She committed suicide a day after her 84th birthday and was buried in Amsterdam.

    Comment 453 on “Jip en Janneke 1

    1. Ahmad Sharabiani says:
      Jip en Janneke Eerste boek Jip en Janneke 1 , Annie M.G Schmidt 1 5 1387 154 9789643129477 20

    2. Inge says:
      I read these stories in Dutch when I was still in primary school, so I already knew them well.This did not help me at all when reading the first five stories in English, because I found it difficult to switch off my inner critic Each story I was debating the translation choices, instead of enjoying the book.Now that I have read the entire English translation, I have to say I enjoyed re reading this book I felt that this translation did justice to the original stories in that it accurately depict [...]

    3. Guguk says:
      Kayaknya aku baru baca yang vol.1, 2, 3 aja lupa Tapi suka o o Paling suka cerita keseharian anak 2 gini, jadi bisa nostalgia masa 2 balita dan TK dulu o o

    4. Putra Harahap says:
      Saya baru nemu buku ini pas lg jalan2 ke Gramed minggu lalu Dulu pernah pinjam baca di perpustakaan daerah Jadi, ketika lihat buku ini jadi serasa flashback gitu Cerita Tono dan Tini versi Indonesia bener2 cocok untuk bacaan anak2 Singkat, padat, dan menggambarkan dunia anak2 yg seru, riang, polos, friendly, dst selain itu, ilustrasi sederhana hitam putih dalam setiap cerita membuat imajinasi anak2 pembaca makin berkembang, sesuatu yg di luar mainstream untuk buku anak2 yg biasanya fullcolour Bt [...]

    5. Lex Poot says:
      Read it to my kids though Dutch is not their first language It makes good bed time stories And yes it brought back memories as I read it from the same book my mom used to read it to me when I was little.

    6. Valerie says:
      Lief en nostalgiesch Heb een van de uitdeelboekjes gekregen met mijn diplomauitreiking van mijn Nederlands docente mentor

    7. Deborah says:
      A challenge to my rusted latin skills but with an online dictionary it was surprisingly doable D

    8. Gordon says:
      Read this in an excellent Russian translation about Sasha and Masha Our girls loved it

    9. Yeison says:
      Kinderboek, van mijn Manager gekregen om een leuke en grappige beeld te krijgen van veel voorkomende uitsprakken die we hier in Nederland ook als volwassenen horen en gebruiken

    10. Vera Maharani says:
      My first Dutch book Not counting old Dutch books left by my Grandpa of course It is for young children but probably will take 5 months for me to finish LOL.

    11. Ellen Whyte says:
      This was one of my fave s when I was little

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