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The Double Life of Zoe Flynn

The Double Life of Zoe Flynn Zoe Flynn has a secret She used to live in California in a big old house the best house in the world really at Hawk Road It rambled and creaked and was full of good hiding places She used to have

  • Title: The Double Life of Zoe Flynn
  • Author: Janet Lee Carey
  • ISBN: 9780689856044
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Zoe Flynn has a secret She used to live in California, in a big old house the best house in the world really at 18 Hawk Road It rambled and creaked and was full of good hiding places She used to have a best friend named Kellen who lived right down the road, and a dog named Merlin who loved to play with her But now she lives in a little town in Oregon, and everythZoe Flynn has a secret She used to live in California, in a big old house the best house in the world really at 18 Hawk Road It rambled and creaked and was full of good hiding places She used to have a best friend named Kellen who lived right down the road, and a dog named Merlin who loved to play with her But now she lives in a little town in Oregon, and everything has changed.Now, Zoe has to be careful Careful that she doesn t tell anyone, not her friends or her teacher or especially that cop who s been watching her, that she doesn t live at 18 Hawk Road any That now her family lives in an old green van that s cramped and dirty and doesn t even work all the time Zoe s always hoping that someday she ll find her way back home.Lyrically written by Janet Lee Carey, The Double Life of Zoe Flynn is a moving novel about hope, family, friendship, and the true definition of a home.

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      360 Janet Lee Carey
    The Double Life of Zoe Flynn

    About Author

    1. Janet Lee Carey says:
      Things are never what they seem Find the lost inside the dream Janet Lee Carey is the award winning author of nine Children s and YA novels Her YA fantasy is critically acclaimed Verdict This is quite simply fantasy at its best original, beautiful, amazing, and deeply moving School Library Journal starred review Janet links each new book with a charitable organization empowering readers to make a difference in the world She tours in US and abroad presenting at schools, children s book festivals, and conferences websiteVisit my blogs dreamwalksLibrary Lions RoarBook Party photos litartphotography

    Comment 519 on “The Double Life of Zoe Flynn

    1. Haryadi Yansyah says:
      Coba bayangkan jika suatu hari kita harus meninggalkan rumah yang sudah kita tempati sejak lama, rumah yang penuh kenangan, rumah yang penuh kehangatan Tentu sedih, bukan Inilah yang dialami Zoe Flynn yang harus meninggalkan rumah, dimana semua hal hal menyenangkan ada di sana termasuk Merlin anjing kesayangannya Itu semua dikarenakan usaha toko buku Ayahnya bangkrut.Bersama Ayah, Ibu dan adik yang sekaligus teman bertengkar Juke, Zoe melakukan perjalanan dari kota Tillerman, California ke kota [...]

    2. Hwhyte says:
      Zoe Flynn was a girl who had to leave a place that she had been for her entire life Her parents gave up everything that they owned to live in a van Zoe thinks of ways to leave her new life and go back to her old Then one day she thinks of this awesome idea to spend all of her work money and travel a day or so back to her home When she gets there everything has changed Her best friend finds a new friend that she promised she wouldn t make friends with Zoe decides to hide in their backyard so that [...]

    3. Dan says:
      A good read for kids who think they have it rough Tells of a family struggling with unemployment and forced to leave their home in search of employment A down to Earth read for the brats among us

    4. Pashi says:
      I remember reading this book in my living room when I was around ten Funny how books can conjure up memories Even if they aren t particularly exciting memories, nostalgia can have a mighty effect on how you feel about stories Reading it as an adult I found new things to appreciate about it besides the nostalgia factor There are two main points, IMO, that it has going for it 1 It paints a realistic portrait of homelessness and all the emotions that are involved despondency, anger, reticence, and [...]

    5. readknitread says:
      Excellent book for middle school tweens Especially given this rough economic time.I think there are a lot of kids who can relate to Zoe s story.The summer before Zoe starts 6th grade she finds out that her family has to leave the house she grew up in Zoe s parents have been looking for work for sometime with no luck The rental home they have been living in has been sold and they don t have money for another Zoe, her younger brother and her parents end up living out of a van while the travel the [...]

    6. J L's Bibliomania says:
      Nicely done realistic fiction issue novel The Double Life of Zoe Flynn touches on the problems and feelings of homelessness in a manner appropriate for the targeted audience of middle grade readers Perhaps because it is set in a small town, the book succeeds in focusing on the uncertainty of being homeless without having to simultaneously address the horrors of drugs, gangs and violence that typically would be present in an urban setting Zoe s Dad is not a bad person, he s just down on his luck, [...]

    7. Raffa yusniah says:
      because I was very young when I first saw you 06 06 2007 right i finished read this book at senior high school, i know this book from Mrmple This book made me dream of such zoe, not with family but with Mrmple dreams that disturb me a whole week until I returned the book to him, u like I just nodded, and ran after say thank you I throw all my dreams and I never want to deal with he again, I feel so stupid at the time, always been met with the wrong people all of it because I was youngd now I see [...]

    8. Mary says:
      Because her father has lost his job and the landlord is selling their house, 6th grader Zoe and her family must move from California to Oregon Along the way and when they first arrive in Scout River, Zoe and her family must live in their van Fear of her classmates finding out her living situation nearly causes Zoe to lose her chance at friendship She finds it hard to accept her new life and really misses her old house, friends and town.A believable story about a young girl whose world is turned [...]

    9. Caroline (Cary) says:
      11 year old Zoe Flynn s family loses their home and goes on the road, living out of their van, in search of a new one Zoe s father has trouble finding a new job, and the family struggles to make their way out of homelessness Zoe struggles with moving, finding new friends, and having to keep her family s circumstances a secret The family s problems are well addressed in the book, both from the children s perspective and from the adults The story is chronological and the plot progressive, with a s [...]

    10. Indah W says:
      Terkadang hidup itu berjalan ga sesuai dengan yang kita inginkan di kala angin perubahan menerpa kehidupan kita, bagaimana respon kita dalam menyikapinya Mari bertemu dengan Zoe yang merasa kehidupannya yang nyaman dijungkirbalikkan di kala orangtuanya memutuskan untuk pindah dari kota tempat mereka tinggal selama ini Tak hanya harus meninggalkan sahabat, teman2 sekolah dan segala kenyamanan, Zoe menjalani kehidupan baru dengan tinggal dalam mobil van Review selengkapnya books parade4indah

    11. Lois Brandt says:
      Two disclaimers First, I know the the author Secondly, this book touches a subject near and dear to my heart Zoe s family, like so other American families, must leave their home and travel to find new jobs and a place to live The writing is beautiful and the plot unpredictable and intriguing I found myself worrying during the day about what was going to happen to Zoe How could she ever make friends and still keep her secret

    12. dearlittledeer says:
      This book will come dangerously close to quietly breaking your heart But in a good way After Zoe s dad loses his job, the family moves north to Oregon but ends up living in their van until mom and dad can save up enough money for first and last month s rent She misses her old house like crazy and is too embarrassed to tell her new friend the real reason she can t invite her over Great writing Really liked it.

    13. Taylor says:
      Zoe s father loses his job and they are really struggling They lose their house and have to live in a van in a new town Zoe trys to hide it but because of that she is having a hard time fitting in and making friends.

    14. Hannah says:
      An amusing little book about a 14 year old girl who has just moved in a new town Ahe struggles to fit in, and ends up learnning an awful lot about herself, friendships, and her family, or simply families in general, along the way.

    15. Susan Dermond says:
      good young adult book shows homelessness without despair a very sympathetic protagonist and a loving family.

    16. Emma Roth says:
      I thought this book was good because it had an interesting plot and a interesting characters.

    17. Arisbethe says:
      So is book was good and sdoemof the parts i didint like

    18. miss says:
      Setelah menutup buku ini, air mataku ga mau berhenti Sungguh bersyukur dg apa yg kupunya.

    19. Tessa says:
      This book is really good so far I m about half way through I f you going to read it the begging is kinda boring.

    20. Kimberlayy º says:
      This is one of my favorite books of all time It is so realistic and down to earth It s about this girl named Zoe and she moves and becomes homeless Janet Lee Carey is my favorite author

    21. Titik Musyarofah says:
      di mana pun rumah, dan apapun bentuknya, tetap yang terindah, selama itu berisi keluarga dan sahabat

    22. Bella says:
      I don t really remember much about this book I read it about two years ago.

    23. Purple_koco says:
      I think I read this book a loong time ago I think it is because of the doorknob

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