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Up Into The Singing Mountain

Up Into The Singing Mountain Richard Dafydd Vivian Llewellyn Lloyd was a Welsh novelist and playwright best known as author of How Green Was My Valley This is one of several sequels he wrote and involves the Welsh mine

  • Title: Up Into The Singing Mountain
  • Author: Richard Llewellyn
  • ISBN: 9780450054648
  • Page: 259
  • Format: None
  • Richard Dafydd Vivian Llewellyn Lloyd 1906 1983 was a Welsh novelist and playwright, best known as author of How Green Was My Valley This is one of several sequels he wrote and involves the Welsh miners living in Patagonia, Argentina.

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      259 Richard Llewellyn
    Up Into The Singing Mountain

    About Author

    1. Richard Llewellyn says:
      Richard Llewellyn real name Richard Dafydd Vivian Llewellyn Lloyd was a British novelist.Llewellyn was born of Welsh parents in Hendon, north London in 1906 Only after his death was it discovered that his claim that he was born in St Davids, West Wales was false, though of course he was of Welsh blood.Several of his novels dealt with a Welsh theme, the best known being How Green Was My Valley 1939 , which won international acclaim and was made into a classic Hollywood film It immortalised the way of life of the South Wales Valleys coal mining communities, where Llewellyn spent a small amount of time with his grandfather Three sequels followed.He lived a peripatetic life, travelling widely throughout his life Before World War II, he spent periods working in hotels, wrote a play, worked as a coal miner and produced his best known novel During World War II, he rose to the rank of Captain in the Welsh Guards Following the war, he worked as a journalist, covering the Nuremberg Trials, and then as a screenwriter for MGM Late in his life, he lived in Eilat, Israel.Protagonists who assume new identities, often because they are transplanted into foreign cultures, are a recurring element in Llewellyn s novels, including a spy adventure that extends through several volumes.Llewellyn married twice his first wife was Nona Sonstenby, whom he married in 1952 and divorced in 1968, and his second wife was Susan Heimann, whom he married in 1974.

    Comment 354 on “Up Into The Singing Mountain

    1. Tesilyaraven says:
      A follow up to How Green Was My Valley While I far prefer the epic saga and homage to a hometown lost and gone in the dust and dirt of industry and coal mining, I liked this second book How Green Was My Valley made me ache and long for a home long gone this book answered some of the questions left unanswered by the first book, like where did Huw Morgan go , but it was at times hard to follow There were too many characters thrown into the mix with crazy names and no character descriptions But, I [...]

    2. Maria Reid says:
      I loved How Green Was My Valley, and found this book in a secondhand shop years ago I started to read it then but set it aside until now, after watching the classic film of the first book I love the lyrical Welsh English lilt with which Llewellyn narrates It was very interesting from a historical viewpoint to learn about the Welsh settlements in Patagonia too A lovely read with a happy ending unlike the first book and therefore a happy surprise for me.

    3. Mary says:
      A very disappointing sequel to How Green Was My Valley An average story at best, and at times hard to follow.

    4. Maria says:
      Stupid Full of adultery Don t waste your time Didn t finish it.

    5. Sarah Ann says:
      1.5The story was hard to follow and uninteresting I think the bulk of my disappointment is with the lack of description and love of the landscape and food compared to the beautiful, evocative descriptions in How Green Was My Valley Even if it was with distaste or sadness, some description would have been nice instead of colony issues and love troubles all the time There were odd moments of good prose that promised the song of How Green Was My Valley, but these ended up being failed attempts to [...]

    6. Deborah Pickstone says:
      Huw s most irritating quality is his stubborn adherence to his own principles, come what may and never mind who else gets hurt This is also one of his best attributes I really enjoyed this novel though I see many were disappointed after How Green Was My Valley I think it is best read as another Huw Morgan book rather than as a sequel to How Green etc.

    7. Amber says:
      This is a pretty decent sequel I loved reading about Huw Morgan and his life after he left the small Welsh mining town and settled in Argentina with other Welsh expats He is no saint and he than once tells others to mind their own business without concern for politeness Go Huw Llewellyn s writing style is lyrical and beautiful and rough and all sorts of things at once.

    8. Alice says:
      I wanted to love this book I loved the first one so much in college, and was excited to learn there were 2 sequels The premise seemed interesting, but the prose didn t sing the way the first one did, and I found myself disappointed in the decisions Huw Morgan was making.

    9. Becky Nelson says:
      This book was way too slow for me It was a disappointment after the first in the serieis I didn t even finish it.

    10. Melissa O'Donovan says:
      Depicts masculinity, love, people with poetic language.

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